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About John Embry

Whether you're in the market for merch+logo design, painting+mural work, or a new tattoo-- John will take the utmost care to bring your ideas to fruition and exceed your expectations. When you need blueprints for a new house, you hire a certified architect. When you need work done on a Maserati, you hire a certified mechanic. When you need artwork of the highest quality, you hire John. 


John is both a native and a transplant to Louisville, KY; from the age of 6 to 26 he has moved from place to place across the country. With a breadth of cultural perspective in hand, he now finds himself back home in the Bluegrass State. With a decade of experience and 5 years working along side the talented crew at Tattoo Charlie's he opened his private studio Muse & Myth in April of 2021. 


John attended Bowling Green State University for painting with a focus on figurative realism. He later apprenticed under Tyler Brott and Jaimi Mulholland of BroadWing Tattoo for an education in proper tattooing techniques, cross-contamination prevention, and design with consideration to the form+fuction of human anatomy. His attention to detail, keen composition and sheer tenacity is evident in sketches to the most polished of works.

John's work has been shown in galleries from coast to coast; namely Oceana Art Gallery (San Francisco), Gristle Gallery (New York City), and Lake Erie Studio (Toledo). His pastel life drawing in conjunction with the 2015 exhibit Degas and the Dance is on permanent display at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Artwork aside, John is an avid musician, animal lover, and crackpot philosopher. 

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